Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun & Easy Valance

I saw this window treatment in a model home. Such a cute idea! Loved that it was a departure from traditional but wasn't too far out there. Also loved the way three fabrics were used.
But there is a glaring mistake on this treatment. Why did they use white lining on the valance portion?? It really takes away from the effect. My eye went straight to that white lining. It would have been so easy to self-line this or line in an inexpensive cotton in a coordinating color. Maybe it was an oversight - been there! - or maybe they only had so much of the solid fabric - been there, too! - but if that was the case, I repeat: use some inexpensive colored lining! Or add trim along those seesaw edges and you wouldn't see the lining. How cute would some pom poms be along the bottom edge? Or to fancy it up, some tassel fringe?

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