Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Color Makes the World Go 'Round

Remember dancing with a pinwheel on a summer day?   800 colors of window shades look like pinwheels to us----and offer light control, privacy and energy efficiency!

Courtesy of Color Lux by Comfortex

Monday, July 24, 2017

Connecticut Blue

If you think choosing a fabric for a project is difficult, try finding a matching solid for lining and facing.
For our upcoming Greenwich, CT project we have two window treatments. Both designs include a colored facing for part of the treatment.  The fabric above, from Charlotte Moss, was easy.  The client wanted something silky and this faux silk in a rich gold color from Maxwell Fabrics was perfect.

And then we went in search of blue.

You may remember this powder room, also located in Connecticut, that we showed a while back:
The Dana Gibson wallpaper had the most delicious, vibrant shade of blue that turned out to be a challenge to match for banding on a white Roman shade we were making for the window.  We ended up using a Dana Gibson trim, because there was no solid blue to be found!

Now we call this particular shade Connecticut Blue, because it is the exact same blue as before.

We are not ones to give up easily!
We found a beautiful cotton sateen that will work perfectly!
This one from RM CoCo.
Want to use Connecticut Blue in your next design? Bring it!

Blue and white fabric from Bailey and Griffin, available through Duralee.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Little Design Hack

Maybe you remember these sheer draperies from a couple of months ago:
The homeowners decided they wanted tiebacks for this window treatment.  Easy enough.  But they were out of town and wouldn't return until long after the tiebacks were installed.  Which posed a bit of a dilemma.  How to hang the tiebacks. 
The finished draperies extended quite a ways beyond the width of the window.  If the drapes are the same width as the window you can usually get away with a hook or a nail in the side of the wood trim surrounding the opening.  In this case I was going to need to install something in the wall.
I don't enjoy punching little holes in people's walls without their consent, especially in a brand new home.  Then it hit me! Command Hooks!  I use them all the time for Christmas decorations, hanging pictures, etc.  I found some very small, clear hooks and they worked great!  And if the clients don't care for them or want to change the height of the tiebacks, it is easy to remove them.  Magic.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Play Outside!!

I'm a summer-time girl for sure.  I'd stay outside all day if I could, but since most of my work is in the INTERIOR of a home, I do spend most of my work day inside.
While I have hundreds of ideas for outdoor living, here are lots of ideas from other industry experts.  Thanks to MakeSpace for featuring me in their recent article.
 Here's the link:

And since summer is the biggest season of the year for moving, check out MakeSpace's blog for other ideas for storage, moving and organizing.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

And You Don't Have to Wave at Every Golfer!

Last week's installation in Williamsburg was interesting because it was the first time I'd every designed something "blind".  I was sent the measurements by the homeowner and she chose her fabric from memo samples I sent her.
This is the room I walked into:
That trash on the chair is mine! 
What a light, bright room with lovely views of the golf course! Which is OK if you are sitting out on the deck, but there was no privacy when you were inside.
The fabric we used was an embroidered linen-look from Duralee.
The sheers were chosen to coordinate with one of the embroidery colors, and were also based on the following phone conversation:
"Are your walls more grey-ish or more yellow-ish?"  "More yellowish."  Talk about your leaps of faith!  I have to say, those sheers were such the perfect color against the walls, I wanted to do back flips.
We used a napped lining which gave the pleats a beautiful roundness:
 The hardware had a bronze finish and we used very simple finials:
And here is the finished design of stationary panels over sheers:

 Isn't that chair in the foreground to die for?  We recovered it at their previous residence.  Feels like I've been working on this room for 10 years.
 And now there is no need to wave to every golfer or neighbor who passes by!
Sheers are from Kasmir.
Decorative drapery rods from Select Hardware.  Traverse rods from Kirsch.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


There is an incredible swatch floating around the studio with peacocks on it.  It has one of the largest pattern repeats I have ever seen (40" vertical, and 54" horizontal!!)
That's the one from the RM Coco website.
Here's the picture of the swatch in the studio:
So you see, you get two peacocks for the price of one!!
(Wouldn't this be amazing upholstered to the back of a chair!)


From the sublime to the ridiculous!