Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Decor

So, here is the same room from a couple posts back showing how I decorated it for Christmas.

Right after taking down the Autumn decor, I received a shipment from Eloquence, a favorite new vendor. Hop over to their site if you want to see some beautiful furniture, chandeliers and other pieces with a French accent. I left the cottonballs and the pictureless frame and the clock I inherited at Thanksgiving.

The chandelier that was suppose to be installed in my new office ended up in the living room. It just feels right in there, plus it casts a lovely light at night.

The table, which is a reproduction drapery table, was supposed to go into my bedroom, but I thought if I put it in the living room, that room would at least feel finished until it really IS finished with a rug and draperies. Even though my specialty is window treatments the fact that this is a reproduction DRAPERY table was a happy coincidence.

It still feels cavernous to me, so I fill it up with people, every chance I get!

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