Friday, June 20, 2014

100 Windows - #45

Even though these are 2 different windows - in different sizes - you can see how one design unifies them.
In this bedroom, the brown velvet drapery panels have a leading edge in a contrasting embroidered silk.   The same silk was used in the undertreatment which is a stationary relaxed Roman shade.  It does not operate.  It's just there to soften the look and hides the real working shade that it covers.  This was a tricky corner window. 

And the same treatment used in the adjacent sitting room. Even though this window is shorter and wider than the ones near the bed, it's not as noticeable since the same treatment style was used. I love to show this to people who are concerned that treating a high, short window with long, to the floor, draperies will look wrong.  To me, it looks just right!

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