Thursday, April 30, 2015

100 Windows - #100 !!!

We made it!!  For our 100th window I saved a Before and After because those are so much fun.
As you can see, I had the luxury of starting with a very nicely furnished room.  The client was already in the process of replacing the carpet with hardwood floors.
The challenges with the windows were many! First, the arched windows are sometimes tricky to treat. Second, both sets of windows were slammed into the corners! And third, one of the windows was actually a door to the deck outside.  It had a double rodpocket sheer on it (I'm betting you had one of those in your lifetime;  we ALL have!) but the client wanted to replace it with a 2" wood blind to match the other blinds.  And here was the next challenge:  those blinds were about 15 years old and a blue/grey color.  It was not to be found in any of my usual places.  But after about 2 weeks of searching I found a very similar finish, that upon installation matched better than our wildest dreams!
With the hardwoods in, we installed an area rug from Surya.
Then came the new blind and drapery panels.
We added a couple of throw pillows in blue to bring that color into the rest of the room. See the lower right hand corner.
And finally, the client restyled the mantle with some blue accessories and candle.

Drapery fabric and hardware:  RM Coco
Pillow fabric:  Kravet
Pillow trim:  Robert Allen
Pillow fabrication:  SK Fabric Interiors

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