Monday, August 3, 2015

Help me choose!

It is our own projects that get away from us. Long days and sometimes even longer nights leave little time for creating our own homes when we are busy making a client's dreams come true.
Here is my dining room prior to moving in three years ago:

We had the floors cleaned up and since I was ok with the stripes on the wall, we moved our furniture in and that was that.  The constant repairs took up a large portion of our time and our money.  I had bought some lovely silk velvet at a seconds store at least 4 years ago and want to use it here for draperies, although it isn't enough.
I think pairing the velvet with a print on the same drapery panel could be really interesting, not to mention dramatic. Both of the prints I have in mind are devilishly expensive, so it really comes down to color and style.
Here are my two choices:
Since there is so much orange in the rest of the house, the fabric on the right, with the orange paisley makes sense.  It is so much fun and the pinks are a good match to the velvet.
The fabric on the left, however, makes my heart sing! What you can't see or feel from this photo is that the green and white printed section is actually an embroidered velvet applique. Now that you don't see every day!
Here are the choices from a different direction, which really shows the color of the velvet.
So which would you choose?
Fabric with orange paisley is from GP&J Baker, available through Duralee.
Fabric with green appliqued white velvet is from Lorca, available through Osborne and Little.

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