Thursday, December 1, 2016

Now I Have Shoes!

The cobblers children have no shoes!
I'm sure you have heard this saying, and it most certainly applies to most designers I know.
We never take the time to finish our own projects.
I have a sofa in my bedroom that has needed to be reupholstered for, oh, about 2 years. (Really longer than than, I have just owned it for 2 years.)
And today I saw this:
This is it!! This is the fabric I didn't know I was looking for!!
It's from the Torca collection by William Yeoward for Designers Guild. 
It is mostly blue with some green in it. The pattern is Luisa.
Check it out in the Rose colorway.
Luisa comes in 7 colors.  See them all at Designers Guild.
Photos are from their website. 

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