Monday, September 25, 2017

Our Arch Nemesis

Palladian Windows

                     gorgeous in their symmetry, deceptively difficult to dress.

Enter the PALLADIAN SHELF!  It holds the blind or shade when there is no existing support between the window and the arch.   It's a little tricky to measure for it,  but this brace is made of strong, lightweight material that can be used on palladian and other custom window shapes as well as unusually tall windows.   

And we know just the person to install it.

                               Simply gorgeous for the sunroom!                                

Palladian shelf, drapery hardware and woven wood shades by Graber (Pattern: Beachfront, color: Tidepool)

Beachfront is our most popular woven wood pattern.

Drapery panels by Kasmir Fabrics. 

Detail of Kasmir Fabric


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