Saturday, February 6, 2010

Field Trip Friday - uh oh

With the impending Snowpocalypse, as they call it, I had to change my plans for field trip Friday. I only ventured about a mile away to the craft store, which in my case was a Michael's. It was just as crowded as the grocery store, next door!! I don't know if people were picking up craft projects to do when they couldn't go anywhere for the next 3 days, or if they were getting ready for Valentine's Day. I saw a lot of moms and kids together, since school was cancelled.
I was there looking in the cake decorating section, trying to find some little heart shaped, edible decorations. No luck with that but I found all KINDS of cute stuff in the clearance isle. As soon as I can shovel out of here I will try to find some of those cinnamon hearts. Then I'll show you what I needed them for.

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