Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Puppies

As my favorite holiday fast approaches I keep finding new ways to create fun foods and decorations. And thanks to being snowbound for days now, I have had more time on my hands. Pictured here is the reason I was looking for little edible heart decorations the other day. I have only been out once since last Friday, but I found some hearts mixed in with some sprinkles I had in my baking supplies.
My dog, Clarence, is a Westie and at Christmas I make little Westie spritz cookies, covered in white sugar with silver French Dragees for the eyes. Then my daughter & I found this Westie cookie cutter at Sur La Table and I used that for cutout sugar cookies. I added his cute little heart, practically glowing with love. I feel a theme coming on! I'm sure I can parlay this thing for any holiday. Green sugar for St. Patrick's Day, eggs or jelly beans for Easter, little flags for Fourth of July. You get the picture. When I bought the cookie cutter, I noticed a couple of other doggie cutters, so go looking for your breed.

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