Monday, May 3, 2010

I Can Have My Cake

I am a little sad about the demise of so many of my beloved shelter magazines. But I recently ordered a new subscription that has become a bit of an obsession. It is a magazine called "Celebrate" that offers ideas for parties, decorations, themes and recipes based on real and imagined holidays during particular seasons of the year. It is published by the same people who brought back Victoria magazine. (love that one, too.) Anyway, a particular cake appeared in the Spring issue that I could not get out of my mind so I made it the other day. For no particular occasion. Now the rest of the family is obsessed. We are not cake people. On birthdays I will make a cake but after one slice each, it sits around for days. I have never figured out why. But not this glorious cake. We ooohhed and aaahhed over the sheer awesomeness of it's size but I have to tell you, it tastes about a million times better than it looks. Three layers of heaven. It is call Almond Strawberry Cake (strawberry filling between the almond flavored layers). Go to to check out the magazine. It's a party girl's dream.

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  1. Sounds like I missed out. I'm definitely intrigued by a cake that could steal the hearts of my family members since we aren't cake people. Cheesecake people maybe, but a regular cake, I'll have to taste it to believe it.