Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Exploring in VA

What a great day. Lunch at my favorite restaurant, Can Can, in Richmond. Then we arrived early in Suffolk, VA, too early to head out for dinner so we did a little exploring. We came upon a sign that said "Southern Living Idea House", and of course you have to follow a sign like that. We found the house, but it was closed, and had a For Sale sign out front. But we could tell it was still decorated so we got out to take a look. A detached garage out front formed a courtyard on the front of the house that opened to the driveway on one side and to the covered entryway and the foyer on the other. What a great idea! (It was an Idea House after all!)There were so many things to look at out there. An outdoor fireplace. A copper rainchain. Candeliers - if that is how you spell it. Lots of seating. The only thing missing was a little color, but if you lived there you could put lots of flowers in planters or add some decorative outdoor cushions.
Tomorrow - it's off to be a judge for the Tidewater Builders Assoc. Spring Homearama Critics Choice Awards. Sure to be pictures to share.

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