Friday, July 22, 2011

Office Gets New Life

This project is in my own home. When we first moved into our home 17 years ago, the small front room was a TV room, mostly because I didn't want to hear the noise from a TV all the time, especially when I was in the kitchen. We had 3 small children at the time.

When the basement was finished, we moved the TV down there, and it became the teenager hangout. The old room became an office/study. Not MY office mind you, but it did have a pretty desk and an old hutch we used to store books. I have WAYYYYY too many books. I mostly paid bills in there or it was a quiet place to take you laptop.

When I took the before picture, I left everything as messy as it was, because in reality, the room had become a dumping zone. The desk was always covered. Although I still loved the wallpaper, it's heyday had come and gone. Took it all down and painted it a warm neutral color. (If you want to know the exact Benjamin Moore color, leave a comment and I will go look it up.)

The drapes are the real focal point of the room. They are a very rough, natural silk, perhaps matka. I trimmed the hem with a band of a darker, slightly finer silk. At the top, pleated edge, I inserted a small cord covered in a red combed cotton. The hardware is to die for. It is from Paris, TX Hardware.

I moved in two red leather chairs I had. Also moved in a faux mantle I had in a bedroom and placed a flat screen TV on it - you can barely see that. Really, this was what I call a "placeholder" to see if 1. We really sit in there, and 2. If a TV works on that wall. If it all worked out, which it does, I am now on the hunt for a large wall to wall unit to hold the TV and give me more storage. For books.

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