Monday, January 23, 2012

Traditional Valance

Take a pretty blank canvas, add a traditional valance in a traditional print fabric and what do you get? Sounds boring, doesn't it? Keep reading.
My client has trusted me with her window treatments for so long, that now we count houses, not years. This is house #3, downsizing from house #2, which was huge and we worked on about 8 years ago. House #3 is not small at all, but feels that way in comparison.
My client has very traditional taste and a color palette that she chooses not to deviate from, due to so much of her "stuff" purchased within the palette.
We started with a dining room window that already had cafe shutters. She did not want long panels, just a valance. We decided on the valance style pretty quickly. Finding the right print was not so easy.

We finally chose this Duralee print because it had the colors we wanted, plus it coordinated with the fabric we had already used in the living room. You might remember that room from a previous post.
The print in that room was more of an updated traditional, with a younger vibe, that we found at Kravet.
So you see, you don't have to buy your fabrics from the same places for them to play well together.
The client had a rug in the dining room with quite a bit of blue, so to repeat that, we lined the side cascades in the same blue. It stands out quite nicely.
We were also lucky to find this beautiful tassel fringe in red and blue from Stout Brothers.

The whole thing looks soft and pretty and adds a lot of interest to the room, without blocking out more sunlight.

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