Monday, January 9, 2012

Two New Ideas in Kitchen Design

It seems we are all concerned with the state of our kitchens. I am frequently asked questions like,"Are granite countertops still "in"? or "Do I have to replace my appliances with stainless steel?" Some of the questions are motivated by our desire to be on trend, and some are concerns about maintaining the value of one's home.

I LOVE kitchen design. I'm fascinated by all the different finishes, from custom cabinetry, to countertops and appliances. Since I like to cook, I fantasize about all those toys, um, utensils. I visualize a kitchen full of people enjoying good food.

Recently I was in a kitchen appliance showroom, ADU in Chantilly, VA. Here was a cool trend I learned about: glass over stainless! Think about it, stainless appliances have become the standard, but the one issue with them is the maintenance of the stainless front. With glass over stainless, you simply clean it like you would any piece of glass.

This wall oven is by Gaggenau. Inside there was another kitchen trend, that I was told that they have been expecting for awhile. A rotisserie for meat.
Look carefully at the rotisserie inside the bottom oven.
Now, my outdoor grill has a rotisserie and I love using it because you don't have to babysit it while it works. And it is kind of fun. Imagine coming home from a long day away and being able to put some main entree on the rotisserie and let it work while you change clothes and get the rest of the meal ready. What took those appliance people so long? To see a really quick video of the Gaggenau at work (and a sneak peek at the glass over stainless front) click here.
Now, I bet you suddenly have a craving to go buy a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. While you are driving, think about how much longer you will keep your current oven before you replace it with this one!

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