Monday, April 30, 2012

Highlights from High Point

I got back last week from the bi-annual High Point Furniture Market, a mecca for designers. I am quick to get overwhelmed visually, so when I look back at my pictures, it is easier to see trends and inspirations. Sometimes I just snap a picture of something I like and figure out later why I liked it.
Let's take a walk through my photos.....
I loved the trim detail on this pillow at Eastern Accents.

Also at Eastern Accents in their drapery line. Most of the time we mitre trim around the bottom corner of a drapery panel. Here they did a sort of 45 degree angle. So much more interesting.

One more Eastern Accents, featuring the Pantone color of the year - Tangerine Tango. Notice that pillow with the six sided shape (would you call that a "sectagon"?). That shape was all over High Point.
Merchandising Idea: nothing says "Lodge" like storing your firewood under your bed.
Custom upholstered furniture. I fell in love with this line because they can do a completely outdoor piece using marine foam covered in Sunbrella fabric. Can you imagine sitting out on your deck in a comfy soft chair, reading a book?

Drapery hardware from Sarkis Studio. I'm always fascinated by hardware.
There is nothing prettier than a showroom full of lighting. This is Currey & Co. It is a virtual wonderland of lovely things.

Tangerine Tango may be the color of the year, but I did see a lot of pink.

This was a fun chaise. The trend of combining fabrics on one piece of furniture is still strong.

Guess what this bench is made of.......concrete!

Pretty nailhead detail on a chair at Raymond Waites. Notice they used 2 different sizes of nailheads!

This was a beautiful print I saw in a lighting showroom - Bradburn.

A Caracole bench.

Spell it out. Saw this trend several times. Also a lot of framed typeset or calligraphy.

This was outside a framed art showroom. Those are marbles and they are actually attached to the outside of the glass!

I have been coveting this light fixture from Luna Bella forever!  Where to put it, that is the question.

Loved this whole vignette at Eloquence, especially the mirrors.

Decorating with books - still a trend.

I don't know what it was about this chair, maybe the low-slung back, but I found it fascinating.

Another of my fascinations that I have shared before - this kind of floor. Elegant in a rustic, humble way.

One of the many colorful ideas from Cyan.

This kind of scrolly, vintage print was all over the place.

And finally, if I ever have a wine cellar, this is going in it.

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  1. Great post and photos, Toni - can always count on you to find something pretty to take a picture of! I think the framed marbles is an interesting idea...we actually used to play marbles on the playground at school in England, which makes me wish I had saved some of mine!