Monday, August 4, 2014

100 Windows - #47

Today I give you 2 versions of the Pullup Valance. Both are shown on a rectangular window, but I have done a similar version over an arched window.
The first version shows the valance with a cute contrast band along all the outside edges.

The second shows a tassel fringe on the edges.
This is a really versatile style.  The level of formality would change depending on your fabric and trim.  I can see it in a formal living room over draperies as easily as a whimsical valance in a baby's nursery.
I wish I could give credit to the designer, but I think these photos look like catalog shots. So if you know where these came from please speak up! We like to give credit where credit is due!

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  1. My eagle eyed friend, Susan, who is also a window treatment designer confirms that these pictures are from a company called Pate Meadows who sells patterns for window treatments.