Tuesday, August 5, 2014

100 Windows - #48

Let's say you have some very expensive fabric you want to use for a window treatment, but your budget won't allow you to buy too much of it. Or you have some fabric on hand, but not a very large quantity.  Here is a solution for you:
This is a great design for creating an interesting curtain.  It is basically a sheer curtain with an attached valance at the top, made with a heavier fabric.  The top part could be (and in my opinion, should be) lined. There is a row of trim inserted between the top fabric and the sheer fabric.
Here's a closer look:
Note the roped curtain rod!

This treatment is sure to show up again in this 100 Windows series. I saw it when I was a judge for the Tidewater Builders Association Homearama in 2010, but I had seen it once or twice before in previous years of judging.  That is one smart designer for reusing such a nice treatment!

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