Monday, March 9, 2015

100 Windows - #84

Here's one for you do-it-yourselfers! You only need basic sewing skills and you might even be able to figure this out without sewing a stitch!
I like the curved hem of this but you could easily make it pointed, like a pennant. And you could add trim, and I would love you for that!
Don't you adore that gorgeous aqua color? You can see that most of the charm of this design is in  using two different patterns.  You could also use two different colors or a solid and a print.
I would probably have interlined this valance to keep the patterns from showing through from the other side.
It works equally as well in multiples.
This is a great style for a window like this that has a lot of trim that you don't want to hide. The other plus? Very little yardage used. Perfect for when you fall in love with that million dollar fabric!
You do realize by now that each valance is just one piece of contrast lined fabric draped over a rod?

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