Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Dinner Party

So I think we ought to wage an all-out campaign to bring back the Dinner Party. Last night we had a fantastic time at the home of our friends, Audrey and Ed. Talk about The Hostess with the Mostest!(Ed was the Host with the Most, but the other version is more fun to say.)After sampling a couple great Pinot Noirs, we sat down to a cozy dinner of Coq au Vin, grilled brussel sprouts and mushrooms. Audrey said you really have to have guts to serve brussels sprouts at a dinner party but let me tell you, they were pretty fab. She also made a pear and cranberry tart for dessert. Every bit of it was homemade - no hitting the prepared food section of the grocery store for Audrey!
The whole evening was made even more warm and cozy by the fact that it was raining BUCKETS outside. What a storm!
Audrey has such a nice way of mixing her "Grandmotherly Things" with more modern items. Here she is lighting the candles and preparing to serve the salad on her beautifully set table.
Is there anything better than good friends, good food, good conversation, good wine and good music on a dark and stormy night?

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