Monday, November 30, 2009

Choose Civility - or something

This post has absolutely nothing to do with decoration OR inspiration. Today I had a dental appointment, which is not my favorite thing to do, due to a couple of semi-traumatic events from my childhood involving the dentist. But today was also the day that one of my close family members was having a mastectomy, so I decided that rather than worry about some silly trip to the dentist, I was overjoyed to be going where I was going. In fact, I called it my "Joyful Trip to the Dentist!" so I would remember to focus on all that is good in my life.
I actually got all dressed up for this event. I had a new outfit, so I wore it! I was looking pretty good, let me tell you. As I got in the car, I said a little thank you prayer because both my college kids had made it back safely to their faraway campuses. I was so happy because the car I bought a few months back has seat warmers, which I've never had and it was chilly and rainy this morning. I stopped at the bank and made a deposit and I was thinking about some work I needed to do when I got back, that was actually going to be fun. Don Henley was on the radio singing "Boys of Summer" and I was belting it out and hitting all the high notes, too. It was a pretty good vocal!
So I was having a great day - my kids are happy and healthy and in school, I've got money in the bank, some enjoyable work to do, a cute husband, a cute outfit, and my bum is warm! I pulled into the parking lot and announced out loud: "I am having a Joyful Trip to the Dentist"!! I was determined to smile at EVERY face in that waiting room, which I did. I bet they noticed my cute outfit.
I sat down after signing in, and I was still feeling pretty joyful. The receptionist called me up to the desk and I thought she wanted to update my email address or something. Instead, she said "Um, Toni, we have you down for December 10th". Pregnant pause........ to which I replied as joyfully as possible, "Obviously I had me down for today". Then she went on to tell me, very politely, I might add, that they were sort of heavily booked today and there were no cancellations so would I mind waiting until Dec. 10th and she was sorry I had made the trip. (What? When you're wearing a cute outfit, is it ever wasting a trip?) I told her I'd run to the car and get my calendar so I could double check that the 10th would work, while she was still sitting at her trusy appointment-making computer.
As I came back in the office, I flipped open my book, and there on Dec. 10th, it said in big letters "DENTIST". Yikes! So of course, I looked her straight in the eye and said rather joyfully, "Yes, the 10th will work!"
Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that reads "Choose Civility"? Well, I went back to my car, pulled out and headed out of the parking lot. The first car I passed had a bumper sticker that read............wait for it.............

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