Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pine Cones & Cottonballs

Finally, my saving of little bits of ribbon and this and that have come to help instead of haunt me! I have these mercury glass pinecones that make an appearance each Christmas hung along the staircase amidst the greenery there. And then I don't know what to do with them and they sort of hang out wherever because I can't bear to put them away, thinking THIS YEAR I'll find a use for them. I bought these cottonball garlands at Pear Tree Cottage in Vienna, VA. They, too, hung out for a month trying to look pretty. I noticed I had several snippets of ribbon in different shades of brown. A Right Brainstorm ensued and VOILA! a new decoration that completely changed the ambiance of my dining room. It looks just as pretty from both sides and has such a nice Autumn-y look but I think it will also be perfect for Winter. Kind of like snowballs. I love all the different ribbons. This was fast to hang, too. Three nails and a picture hanger (all the pinecones are on the picture hanger - they are heavy!)I hardly fussed with it all because I didn't want it to be too perfect.

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