Thursday, February 20, 2014

100 Windows - #10

Following the trend of the last post, here is another wall of windows where I treated the insides of the windows instead of the outsides.  It's not exactly 2-story but there are those arched windows again!
Now you see what I mean when I said that the fluffy top of the treatment in #9 was more forgiving.  It's very hard to get the board width correct and to match up perfectly with your finished length,.  In this case the drapery panel is separate from the valance, and in the end the client wanted the valance raised a little higher than I had designed it. I like when the board touches the sides of each arch but it really works fine.
This treatment was fabricated by Susan at SK Fabric Interiors. This was a really difficult window to photograph, otherwise you could see the fabulous job Susan did matching stripes and applying trim to that valance!

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