Tuesday, February 4, 2014

100 Windows - #2

This idea is just an extension of the previous one.  Sometimes you can take the bits and pieces of one treatment and apply them to a totally different window.
Yesterday's window(s) were 2 standard windows, side by side, on one wall of a living room.  This is the side wall of the same room, where the window is a 3 sided bay window.  I used the same open swag, and the same double cascade, but on the ends used a traditional cascade, sometimes called a jabot. The overlap of the swags and the double cascade hide where I mitred the wood rod to fit the angles of the bay.
Here's another view:

To complete the look in the adjoining dining room, we used the open swags again, but this time used drapery panels on the outsides of the window.  This was a triple window, so we needed the length of those panels for balance.
Definitely not a great shot but you get the idea. In this treatment the overlapping swags created a nice rhythm at the top.

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