Wednesday, March 5, 2014

100 Windows - #22

This one is hot off the presses, or recently installed as of yesterday.
This valance was for two of my favorite clients, whom I affectionately dubbed, "The Sistas".
First the "before":
This is their large kitchen window.  You'll notice that with all the angles, the soffit, the different levels of woodwork and the tile, this was going to be a bit of an installation challenge.  The challenge for The Sistas was that at night, when they washed their dishes, it was fine when their neighbors walked by and waved, but not so nice when they felt like perfect strangers were looking at them.
We wanted to install a pleated shade like we had done a few years ago throughout the house.  But we also wanted to add a little color.
So we added a LOT of color:
Fabric by RM CoCo

I designed a box pleated valance mounted on a board with a scalloped hem to soften the lines and still let in as much light at possible.  The shade is attached to the underside of the board.  It pulls up to be completely out of sight during the day.
And here it is with their accessories back in place:


  1. We are very happy with our new window treatment! Toni's suggestions for using a scalloped hem and inverted box pleat softened the angles of the window and still allowed plenty of light to come into the kitchen. We love the cheery fun colors. We highly recommend her! "the sistas"

  2. Wow! There has never been a doubt in my mind that I have the greatest group of clients ever! Thank you Sistas for your glowing review! I enjoyed every minute of your project.