Sunday, March 2, 2014

100 Windows - #18

This shade is very much a hybrid.  Basically it is a relaxed Roman shade with long tails, or what some would call a London blind.  It is also very much like one scoop of a balloon shade. I love that the inside of the pleats area solid contrast color, and that they added a ruffle to the hem.  But you have to see the rest of the room it is in.
You can tell now that it is a model home.  There are so many cute design ideas here.  The curvy alcove created for the bed using plywood, 2 colors of paint and topping it off with some crown moulding is the star of the room. The cutout actually echoes the shape of a very tall headboard. What little girl or even teenager wouldn't love the coziness of it, plus a chandelier?  The ruffly shade really finishes off an oddly placed window and repeats the curves of the headboard/alcove. Along with the functional hook for the backpack, there were fake flowers glued randomly to the walls.  Here's a closer look:

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