Friday, March 14, 2014

100 Windows - #25

Ah, you thought I'd gone missing didn't you?
Well, I'm back.
In honor of a meeting I went to yesterday on making safer Roman shades (and other types of shades and blinds as well) I thought I'd present this one:
So sweet!  But please don't let that blind you to the hazard lurking within.
The cords on these shades present a very real choking hazard.  Usually it is the cord that raises and lowers the shade, left to dangle or pool on the floor, but the strings that are visible on the back of the shade are sometimes the culprit.  And besides children, guess who else is at risk of strangulation? Pets! Especially cats!
The product I saw yesterday is called Safe-T-Shade.  It eliminates the pull cord, and has a part called a Ring Lock on the back that keeps those cords from being pulled out into a loop large enough to choke.  Safe-T-Shade can be retrofitted to most shades and blinds, including roller blinds and woven woods, and even those with a continuous cord or chain loop. (And as an extra bonus, the mechanism, called the Fashion Wand, makes it easier for seniors, or people with diminished hand strength, to raise and lower their blinds.)
Now if you promise to make sure all the blinds and shades in your home are safe, and all your cords are currently tied up, I will show you the rest of this room in a model home.
Even the CLOSET for goodness sake!
Today you got a lesson in safe shades AND mixing fabric patterns!

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  1. Amazing as always Charlotte! Thanks so much for helping me out! I love the home decors