Friday, February 3, 2017

Today's Installation

Remember the throw swags of the 80's and 90's?  If you ever tried it, you quickly realized that you couldn't make one long piece of fabric dip and dive and swag and come out even like you wanted.  If you were successful it was because you used an entire box of pins, AND velcro, AND a glue gun AND there was a lot of swearing involved.
I learned quickly that you could fake the whole look, and actually improve it, if all the sides of the window were treated with separate pieces.  It is SO much easier to control this way!
Today we started with a blank window. We added a cordless honeycomb shade for light control and privacy.
Prepare yourself - the rest of the pictures are just about this dark.  I sent a phone in to do a camera's job!
Since this was a traditional living room, we went with a slightly more formal pole swag to mimic the style that looks like it's just been "thrown" over the rod. The three pieces we used were a rodpocket panel, a pole swag and a double cascade on a tack strip. We chose a wood rod so we could staple the swag and the cascade to it.
Wonder why it's asymmetric? It's because it's one of a pair!
And here's the look with the blind raised:
All this - and NO swearing!

Damask fabric by Duralee - #D161328 in Pearl
Drapery hardware from Graber with Urn finials.


  1. Wow---so elegant and you make it LOOK easy-----

    1. Thanks! That one is a little tricky. It's kind of a math problem to get all the pieces - and the proportion - to play nicely with each other.