Saturday, February 11, 2017

How Pinteresting !

Just like you, probably, I love Pinterest as a way to save ideas for future projects (and for the funny pet photos).
My "Windows" board is a place for me to file away great window treatment ideas for myself and for clients. I have over 3000 pins on that board, so I guess that makes me just the slightest bit obsessed.
This photo caught my eye:
 Something I've never seen before: a swagged tieback on a drapery panel.  Very fancy and what an opportunity to use multiple kinds of trim! I count at least three!  Oooooo, and that beautiful rosette.  I miss the days of employing so much detail and really expressing your artistry.  Now it's just plain drapery panels and Roman shades. Let's hope the tides turn soon (and they usually due) and we see a return to touches of luxury in our homes.
Pinterest credits this photo to Donna Hovis Interiors.  I'd like to meet Donna Hovis.  I bet she's a doll!

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