Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pattern on Pattern

What's your pattern threshold?
It's a question I ask a lot. It really means; How much of a mix of patterns can you have in your space without making your eyes go crazy?
Some people have such a low threshold that they don't care for ANY pattern.  They want everything to be solid.  Others, like me, have a "Too much is not enough" attitude.  I once had a kitchen that was a mix of NINE different patterns.  I loved it!
There are times when you have such a brilliant focal point, like a great piece of artwork, that you want everything subtle around it, so it can shine like the star that it is.
Here's an example of how I like to mix it up.  My India Hicks tropical leaf scarf paired with a totally different print sweater. Trying to mix my seasons!!
What do you think? Would you wear this combination?
This scarf, with all it's shades of green, looks great with a plain white T-shirt or a little black dress. No one will force you to wear it with another pattern!  You can buy it at India Hicks.

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