Monday, May 2, 2011

Field Trip Friday 4/29/11

This past Field Trip Friday sent us on the hunt for beautiful fabrics. And when I say HUNT, I mean HUNT. That picture of me amidst bolts and bolts of textiles is but one room in this place.
I shared this adventure with my friend Susan from SheMakesDrapes. Susan failed to get photographed mostly because she was too busy pole-vaulting over the 10 feet deep piles of fabric.
Neither of us had a project in mind; we were just there for the thrill of the hunt, but if you put 2 designers in a room full of beautiful things, they start to make up projects. Great projects! It seemed that every sentence out of our mouths began with, "You know what you could do with that...." or "Wouldn't that look great if you...." You get the picture.
What I came home with was 10 yards of this velvet border trim and 4 yards of Beacon Hill silk velvet.
The border trim would look pretty fab as the hem of some drapes, but I'm thinking of banding it and making a sort of vest (as opposed to a full slipcover) for my dining room Parsons chairs. But, now I am thinking I want this piece to be reversible, so I have to turn the idea over to my right brain for a little longer.
The silk velvet (sigh!) matches my living room walls perfectly, so I know it can go anywhere in the house. Still deciding what to do. It would make a really lovely chair - but I say that about EVERY fabric.