Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! 2013!

Following a quiet New Years Eve since I was playing nurse to a husband with the flu, awoke late, had a leisurely morning and we decided to celebrate a little late by going out for a nice lunch. He was feeling much better!
I had mentioned that I was feeling a "little French today" but that was just to start practicing my goal of learning to speak the language better. But soon, realized that my first meal of the day was in Paris! (Virginia!) After a beautiful ride through the countryside we had a lovely brunch at the Ashby Inn in Paris and I highly recommend it. We even drank French wine - he, a nice  Pinot Noir, and I with a white Chateneuf-de-Pape. Really, it doesn't get any better.
My thoughts always turn to resolutions - don't yours? And I received a thought provoking email on this subject, suggesting that you pick just ONE resolution and direct all your attention to it. To see the video, click here.
I have been thinking lately that instead of creating resolutions, couldn't I just have a THEME for the year? Such a different approach, but it seemed easier to me. Resolutions seem to follow themes anyway. For example, instead of "lose XX pounds", what if the theme was "Healthy"? So when you have a behavior or a decision to make, like eat the cupcake or not, you choose whether it follows your theme or not. Healthy or Not Healthy.
a bakery in the "real" Paris
One theme I have chosen for 2013 is "Simplify". The question I will be asking myself is "Will this simplify my life or complicate my life?" This can apply to all kinds of things: people, events, things, requests, commitments made and to be made.
The other theme I think could make a difference is "Self-Discipline" because I have seen a total decline in this area! ha! Just reminding myself of those two little words might help me develop some better, more life affirming habits.
So which is it for you? Resolutions or Themes?