Thursday, June 26, 2014

100 Windows - #46

Here is a 2-story family room, where the homeowner did not want floor to ceiling drapes.
To make up for lack of visual volume, the fabric we used was a very heavy, drapey, upholstery fabric.
We finished it off with long gold bullion fringe.

Friday, June 20, 2014

100 Windows - #45

Even though these are 2 different windows - in different sizes - you can see how one design unifies them.
In this bedroom, the brown velvet drapery panels have a leading edge in a contrasting embroidered silk.   The same silk was used in the undertreatment which is a stationary relaxed Roman shade.  It does not operate.  It's just there to soften the look and hides the real working shade that it covers.  This was a tricky corner window. 

And the same treatment used in the adjacent sitting room. Even though this window is shorter and wider than the ones near the bed, it's not as noticeable since the same treatment style was used. I love to show this to people who are concerned that treating a high, short window with long, to the floor, draperies will look wrong.  To me, it looks just right!

Monday, June 16, 2014

100 Windows - #44

I realize this picture is difficult to see but it is so worth a look.
The 3 windows were surrounding a large tub in a master bathroom. This is one long piece of embroidered sheer fabric, hemmed at each end.  The hardware was just holdbacks mounted on the upper corners of each window and also at the top of the curve of the center window.  That was the easy part.
Working over a tub is never simple, and in fact, at times it feels downright death-defying. The ledge at the back of the tub is never quite as wide as my foot so moving back and forth to get everything even is less like walking a balance beam and more like performing on the tightrope!
Still, the design turned out light and airy and nicely finished the windows with their café shutters.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

100 Windows - #43

More plaid! I didn't realize how many times I have used a plaid fabric until I started this.
There are two interesting things to notice about this window treatment. Since the windows meet in the corner, the curtain rods do, too. That allowed me to use one full panel in each corner which eliminated the gaps that could have resulted from using two. (Ah, I remember this installation well! I think I was up on that ladder for hours!) Hanging the curtains so much higher than the window was graceful and made this small room appear larger.
The other detail is the curtain rod itself.  It was painted to look like bamboo.  It lent a more casual feel to this family room.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

100 Windows - #42

Repetition can be a beautiful thing.
In this living room we didn't do anything crazy to compete with the traditional furnishings. We even ignored the fact that these were arched windows, and opted for straight drapery panels in a silk check.
We even repeated the panels in the adjacent dining room. Notice that this room had rectangular transoms instead of the arched, so the repetition of the style and fabric unified the rooms rather than called out their differences.

Monday, June 9, 2014

100 Windows - #41

Here is a valance I am not wild about.
Now, I have done something very similar, so I don't think it is the style. It is a good style to combine 2 different fabrics, and it also doesn't use much yardage. If you wanted to hide a blind up underneath it, this would be a good valance.
I almost think it is that solid piece of red in the center. I'd probably like it better if they had used the same fabric as the gathered side pieces. It also could be that in this photo, anyway, the colors in the valance don't relate to the color of the tile.
If you have a flat valance or cornice that you'd like to change, you can see how easy it would be to add the side pieces.
My favorite version of this valance is when the center flat section is curved upward at the hemline.

Friday, June 6, 2014

100 Windows - #40

I'm mad for plaid this week, I guess.
This picture has been in my "Ideas" folder for almost 10 years! I love the whole over-the-top quality of this window treatment, especially the valance with the curved top! The window underneath may not be arched but you can see how you can create interest by adding a gentle curve to the top of your treatment.
This is not my work and I don't know whose it is.  If you know where this picture is from, let us all know. I like to give credit where credit is due!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

100 Windows - #39

Plaid silk swags over beaded silk panels over sheers. Scrumptious and yet light and airy in this dining room.
Notice how the swags are a bit less formal when draped over a painted iron rod. Also note the gorgeous faux painted ceiling!