Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I'm Blushing

Actually, the new Jan Showers collection from Kravet is blushing.  Isn't this gorgeous?
Equally attractive with gold accents......
...or silver!
That embroidered linen is so gorgeous I can't handle it.
The Jan Showers collection comes in other colorways as well.
Check it out at Kravet

Monday, January 30, 2017

Colorful Stories

I had a very colorful childhood.  It was a good childhood, don't get me wrong.  I have a huge list of relatives and I spent every weekend with one group of cousins or another.  I remember complaining, as a teenager, "Ugh, I can't go do such-and-such, because my relatives are coming over!"  To which my friend replied, "I wish I HAD some relatives".
I had an Uncle Bunny, an Aunt Peachie and an Aunt Baby Sister.  Baby Sister hated her siblings calling her that, so they shortened it to B.S.
I have a house full of treasures handed down to me from my extended family. I call them Grandmotherly Things. Recently, my cousin gave me this antique crib:
You see it here, in my sunroom, or as I refer to it, the Room Where Old Furniture Goes to Die.  I haven't planned how to decorate the sunroom yet, and every old hand-me-down seems to land there.

Anyway, back to the crib.  It was in my grandmother's house forever, long after there were any babies to sleep in it.  It would be completely illegal to use it now, but somehow we all survived. (There were 16 grandchildren on that side of the family.) We used to play in it every chance we got.  When we spent the night, we'd sleep in it, even though we were well into elementary school.

My cousin had it stripped and repainted and it is beautiful.  Look at the detail of the side latches.
Notice the side rails are both down.  If the side latches were to slip, that rail drops quickly to the ground and it is heavy as lead! It would take your foot off! My cousin used a strap tie to make sure they stayed up.
I don't have any grandchildren yet, and I'm not sure what to use this for. A friend said to use it for display.  Display what?
It's a little too big for my studio.  What would you use it for?  Please leave me your suggestions in the comments below.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Dana Gibson Powder Room

Awhile back, I showed the beginnings of the coolest powder room, with it's bright blue Dana Gibson wallcovering.
Well, the window treatment was finished and installed and we all couldn't be happier.
Remember the Before?

Look at it now with it's Roman shade valance in bright white linen:
 The trim is also from Dana Gibson and is called Tra La La.
 The trim reminds us of the icing on a Hostess cupcake!
 Drapery workroom:  Fabrications
  Dana Gibson collection of wallcovering, fabric and trim available through:  Stroheim
  Installation by:  Rob-0's Superstar Installations 

Friday, January 6, 2017