Thursday, April 30, 2015

100 Windows - #100 !!!

We made it!!  For our 100th window I saved a Before and After because those are so much fun.
As you can see, I had the luxury of starting with a very nicely furnished room.  The client was already in the process of replacing the carpet with hardwood floors.
The challenges with the windows were many! First, the arched windows are sometimes tricky to treat. Second, both sets of windows were slammed into the corners! And third, one of the windows was actually a door to the deck outside.  It had a double rodpocket sheer on it (I'm betting you had one of those in your lifetime;  we ALL have!) but the client wanted to replace it with a 2" wood blind to match the other blinds.  And here was the next challenge:  those blinds were about 15 years old and a blue/grey color.  It was not to be found in any of my usual places.  But after about 2 weeks of searching I found a very similar finish, that upon installation matched better than our wildest dreams!
With the hardwoods in, we installed an area rug from Surya.
Then came the new blind and drapery panels.
We added a couple of throw pillows in blue to bring that color into the rest of the room. See the lower right hand corner.
And finally, the client restyled the mantle with some blue accessories and candle.

Drapery fabric and hardware:  RM Coco
Pillow fabric:  Kravet
Pillow trim:  Robert Allen
Pillow fabrication:  SK Fabric Interiors

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

100 Windows - #99

Here is another gem from the High Point Showhouse.  This was the "Daughter's Bedroom", designed by Catherine M. Austin Interior Design.
Don't you love the red fabric against the blue/grey walls?
I viewed the Showhouse with several other designers who specialize in window treatments. When we saw this valance we knew that even though it looks simple, it would be VERY difficult to fabricate. The curved banding was PERFECT! 

The same treatment was also behind the bed.  Look at that headboard! And look at that monogram - isn't that the most amazing monogram you have seen in awhile?  The monogrammed shams are from Leontine Linens
The white banding added to the drapery panel and extended along the hemline was such a custom touch.

Monday, April 27, 2015

100 Windows - #98

I was in High Point, NC last week for the Spring High Point Furniture Market.  My partners in crime and I apparently weren't on inspiration overload enough so after a full day of oohing and ahhing we decided to go to a Designer Showhouse put on by the Junior League of High Point. We were definitely wowed by this one.  There were so many good ideas.
My picture doesn't do it justice, but this design, by Lisa Mende of Lisa Mende Design features a window treatment in the breakfast room.
First of all, you have to admit that a black drape on a blue wall is pretty cool. (Unless my eyes deceive me and that is navy.  But I don't think so.)  The contrast band is cut from a piece of fabric. Funny thing is, I had just seen this black and white fabric in a showroom at High Point, and met the designer! This is from a textile line called Cotton and Quill.  You should check it out!  They design stationary, too.
The fun didn't end at the window!  Look at that ceiling!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

100 Windows - #97

This is a picture I found on the internet to show a client who had exactly this arrangement of windows and furniture.
As we had already put woven wood shades in other parts of the house, I thought it was a natural to add them to the windows in the dining room.  The printed drapery panels add softness and also a touch of elegance.
Later, I was delighted to find out that this picture was taken by my friend here in Virginia, Bob Narod.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

100 Windows - #96

We started with existing sheers over a very wide door that leads to a screened in porch.
Although we only added a valance, the change was dramatic due to the sheer size of the treatment, and the strong embroidery and colors of the fabric.
The rhythm of the print was really quite lovely!

Monday, April 13, 2015

100 Windows - #95

Another day, another cornice board!
I believe these are the largest cornice boards I have every seen.
Beautifully executed and proportioned, you wouldn't think such a strong fabric print would be so restful in a master bedroom.
You can see that the smaller versions were made for either side of the bed.  I believe this fabric may be part of a ready-made line of bedding. So smart to buy yardage of the duvet fabric to cover the cornices.
You could hang a traverse rod up underneath the cornice to draw the curtains at night. Or, if the panels are stationary, the cornice is deep enough to hide a shade that can be pulled down.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

100 Windows - #94

I feel fairly sure that this curtain is a ready made, but it's fun how they used the matching fabric for the cornice, which is most likely a custom project. And here's another idea of what to do with those arched windows. (In this case, ignore them!)

Monday, April 6, 2015

100 Windows - #93

Just your basic panels with a 6" border hem, which is the same fabric used in the valance. The valance is either a cornice or a flat valance mounted on a board.  The flat valance would be easier to mount into a bay window.  The draped cording would be interesting to add to the valance, especially since it is in a solid fabric. 
I really like the idea of framing a piece of wallpaper and hanging it like art, as shown here.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

....and we will take a little break from window treatments to wish you a Happy Easter and show you how I decorate my table in my spare time..........
It's all so random! And some of these things I've had for 15 years - others are brand new.  Sources include Williams-Sonoma, Pier 1, Anthropologie and JoAnn's.

Friday, April 3, 2015

100 Windows - #92

And then there is a window for you lovers of trim.
Definitely more trim than fabric, here!