Monday, November 14, 2011

The Harvest Touch

Here's a quick little low-cost update I gave to my foyer. On the foyer wall is a wreath of cherubs, made to look like it is carved of wood. I wanted to add a bit of something to reflect the season and came up with using a little berry wreath in Autumn colors inside the larger wreath. I had just hemmed a burlap table skirt and instead of throwing away the piece I cut off, I made a ribbon of it. Then I used the burlap ribbon to hang the small wreath from the larger one. So simple, so pretty.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Movin' & Shakin' Things Up

Oh, how I wish I had taken a before picture!
One of my favorite clients is on her 3rd house, or rather her third house with me! Now with her boys all grown, she and her husband have moved to a lakeside golf community and loving it.
The house was a resale. She liked the layout and even kept some of the paint colors. The house also came with a lot of window treatments that were very nice, but not in her taste. So yesterday we installed new draperies in the living room. What a difference. First of all, the original drapes were a very dark, red faux silk. My client chose a fabric printed with a stylized suzani design, very bold and cheerful. So cheerful, in fact, that when her husband came in and saw the gorgeous treatments at the windows he said, "Wow! That looks SO much better. It looked like a funeral parlor in here before."
Notice the serendipity of the printed pillow on the sofa. I call it the Little Sister print of the drapes. The funny thing is, that pillow matched the drapes in the living room of house #2! The homeowner likes a particular color palette and sticks to her guns! That is one way to keep continuity in your home, whether you move or not.

We kept the hardware from before. The shutters were installed right after my client moved in. The fabric is from Kravet and the trim from Stout Textiles.