Thursday, January 29, 2015

100 Windows - #76 & #77

There is a reason for two windows in the same post.  I had two different projects recently where the clients chose the exact same fabric.  That almost NEVER happens! While the clients were similar - both about the same age, had grown up in the northeast and are super nice and a joy to be around - their projects couldn't have been more different.
The most recent project was a bedroom. We just needed a simple valance to be repeated on three windows which all had existing shutters on the lower half of the window.
Unfortunately it is difficult to photograph three windows in a narrow bedroom! We added a simple flat valance with gathers at the corners and a contrast linen band at the hem.
It looked great repeated across the wall.  The diamond fabric is the one you will see again. My workroom called those little embroidered spots at the corners of the diamonds, "stinkbugs", because they were the same shape and size and because they were a pain to cut and stitch through.
The other project was a very large conservatory.
This is just one corner of it.

The diamond fabric was used here as the panels and the little "neckties" on the valance.
There was a coordinating fern print that we used for the valances.
Our objective in this room was to cover as little of the window as possible.
So we raised the valance as high as possible.
This was one of my favorite projects of all time.  We were in this house all day.  In fact, we did every window treatment on the entire first floor of this large home, and they were all installed at the same time.  At the end of installing the conservatory, which included LOTS of stapling, my installer came over to me, held open his hand and said, "I have FIVE staples left"  haha!

Workroom for the bedroom valances was SK Fabric Interiors.
Workroom for the conservatory valances and panels was Fabrications.
Fabrics by Duralee.


Monday, January 26, 2015

100 Windows - #75

Just finished this project.  As usually happens, it is so difficult to photograph a window treatment because of the light coming in.
The walls were already painted a deep beautiful blue and the lovely rug was in place. The blue and white toile from Kravet was the perfect companion, along with the hardware from The Finial Co.
Though I'm not usually a "blue" person, I have to say, this wall color really set off the large collection of artwork that was on the other 3 walls in this room.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

100 Windows - #73

Some days you just have to be up to the challenge.
What do you do when faced with a sheer polka dot fabric that a client adores AND she also wants grommet draperies?
First you figure out that your workroom will never speak to you again if you ask them to put grommets anywhere near a sheer fabric, so you design a band of heavy weight cotton for the top of the treatment for the grommets to go.
Then you line the sheer with a taupe colored sateen fabric.
The panels had a beautiful drape to them and the Robert Allen drapery hardware was the icing on the cake!

100 Windows - #74

A quick before - - -
and after - - -

Monday, January 19, 2015

100 Windows - #72

This window treatment is a bit of a departure because it is a ready made (gasp!) that I hung in my client's house a few years back.
It was purchased in Paris and perhaps that accounts for it being the nicest ready made I have ever seen!  Even though it WAS unlined.
The fabric was this crazy textile with all kinds of loose metallic threads woven through it.
There were so many custom details to this that I've always wanted to duplicate it.  It is a version of a tab curtain. The front of each tab had a grommet on it. Through the grommet we pinned a sort of brad with a round ball on it.  The brads were purchased with the curtain. Attached to the brad and hanging below the tab was a small tassel. The tabs were made of twill tape.
The top of the curtain was pencil pleated.
And it never hurts to use really gorgeous custom curtain rods!
Custom drapery hardware from The Finial Company.