Friday, February 24, 2012

Is Curvy Better?

Sometimes, oftentimes, it is better to float your furniture in a room instead of lining it up against all the walls like a doctor's office. I know, sometimes you just don't have the space for that.
Here are some great looking pieces I found when I was researching a curved sofa. Floating a curved sofa is so much more interesting than a straight sofa. And think how much cozier and more "conversational" it looks.

Curvy AND with great legs! This sofa was shown in the Luna Bella showroom at High Point Market.

Curved settee from Schnadig.

From the Charles Ray showroom at High Point Market.

Also from Charles Ray.

These two small pictures are from the Lazar catalog.

And here is one of them in real life - a living room I did with a beautiful view.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Window Treatments

It was a busy week last week. Lots of design consultations and 2 drapery installations. You have already seen the traditional dining room valance. Here we are in a bedroom.
The homeowner is a fun, spirited woman,who, suddenly finding herself in an empty nest, decided to go for it in terms of fabric choice. We didn't even run it by her husband.

This lovely print is from Kravet. Since no bedding had been chosen yet, we only had a deep green wall color to coordinate with. I am not a huge fan of green, but I liked this one. And although this is a very deep shade,this bedroom had cathedral ceilings so instead of feeling closed in, there was a certain amount of airiness so it was more cozy than claustrophobic.

We installed new pleated shades for light control - and these double honeycomb shades are really insulating. The biggest trick was deciding where to start the shade on the arched window and where to hang the rod with the stationary panels.
Then we matched the height to the side window. That is a little design trick so that your eye travels around the room at the same height. It also visually lengthens the smaller window.

We made a little matching pillow for the bed, but can't show it since we threw it on a bed, that had the old comforter, that didn't go with the new fabric at ALL! What color bedspread would you choose? Lavender, the palest green or yellow matelasse would be nice. But I think a crisp cream duvet cover with an embroidered edge in lavender would be my choice.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I got it for Christmas. It sat in the box for a month. And once I started using it, there was no stopping me.

For friends coming over on Friday I made Apple Cider Donut holes. Those are in the forefront of the picture, under the dome. On Saturday morning, I made French Breakfast Puffs on the green plate in the background. I favored Saturday's version - so much denser and better taste. I think the apple cider gave the donut holes just a little too much kick, although the texture was really light and fluffy.

I had made Cake Pops about a week ago for a party. You call them Cake Pops, but we called them Cake Balls because, face it, that's more fun to say.
The machine comes with recipes which I am working my way through. These are really easy to do.
You just fill the little reservoirs with batter (I use a melon ball scoop)close the lid and cook them for 5-6 minutes.
To buy your very own Babycakes maker,click here ! But don't wait a month to use it once you get it.
Beware! Very addictive! To make AND to eat!