Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Pink Room

I wish I could give credit to whomever photographed, published or designed this space. It has been floating around in my idea file for quite awhile. I love everything about this; the pink walls, the lamps, the moss filled container, but mostly I love the wall treatment. It looks like twill tape and upholstery tacks. Seems like it would be easy enough to do if you had miles of twill tape and were pretty good at math. (sigh) It's interesting how the design changes down near the floor, almost like it had to be done that way.
The second picture is a variation on the twill & tack idea, only this time using ribbon. I saw this last year in a powder room at Homearama. It looks much easier to do yourself, but those bows would take awhile!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Those Clever French!

Wanna see something cool? Check out this window treatment we just installed in a client's home. Can't take credit for any of it, except the cool rod, getting it hemmed and installing it just right.
My client bought these panels while vacationing in Paris. She was mostly attracted to the cool style, but also thought the price was excellent. Turns out the price was so good because you have to hem them yourself, and they are unlined. They came with a separate piece of neutral fabric that you would attach to the back of the front piece. A free floating liner, if you will. We decided not to use the liner. The really interesting design element is the tabs at the top, which were purchased separately. Basically, we pulled some strings on the back of the panel to form the pencil pleats. Then we placed the tabs where we wanted them and secured them with some little brads (the part that looks like a small metal ball) through the curtain. The tabs came complete with the grommets for the brad to fit through and the small white tassel at the pointed end.
Though these panels are ready-mades, the fabric was so much chic-er than what we have available for ready-mades in this country. It had both gold and silver threads running throught it and even a piece of wire running through some of the threads. Because of the wire, we couldn't machine stitch the hem, so it is done by hand. But the wire also gave the fabric body. We were lucky enough to get a custom made curtain rod that came in a combination gold AND silver finish!