Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Relaxed Roman Shades

Here are a few shots from my last installation.
Notice the beautiful symmetry when you have multiple shades repeated. These are Relaxed Roman Shades.
One upgrade I would suggest making when you have multiple shades like these is to get a continuous loop cord instead of a pull cord. It makes it so much easier to adjust all the shades to the exact same height.
Another thing to consider is the lining. Some people will opt for a blackout lining so you can't see where the window underneath stops and the wall begins. We decided against that as the fabric was a pretty, semi-sheer embroidered linen and we liked the lighter look.
Fabric by Kravet
Trim by Stout Bros.
We added trim to the bottom edge only, to follow that graceful curve.
Another option is to band the hem, the sides or both with a contrast fabric.
Finally, consider the view as you enter the room. Looking in from the door, the windows, table and chair make a charming vignette and invite you in.