Friday, November 30, 2012

Autumn Decor

Time to take down the Autumn Decor. Seems like I just put it up.
This is my new living room. The story is coming soon. It looks so cozy in this picture with my oversized pumpkin and cottonball swag on the mantel.
But in reality, I don't have nearly enough furniture for this new house and some of my old furniture is just acting as placeholders until I can get around to decorating. I've pulled back in this next picture so you can see just how much work I have ahead to cozy the place up.

You still can't see that I have a sofa against the wall on the left side.
I need a rug, pictures and window treatments. All in good time.
The ceiling over the fireplace leaked during the hurricane (so did the ceiling up in my bedroom),
so we have to take care of those things before we get to the fun stuff.
Shhhhh....don't tell, but I DID already order a few things when I was in High Point in October!
Coming soon!
Now, to get ready for Christmas! Deck the Halls!