Monday, October 29, 2018

Raise the Bar!

When I bought my current home six years ago, there were already features present that I couldn't change. Like this:

I mean the wood work is beautiful and all but the
 open arch portion mystified me until I happened upon those brown urns in a store in Connecticut.  For 90% off.  I'm kind of lucky like that. The bronze statue is one my son inherited, but he doesn't have room for yet.  Darn.
The cabinet below the arch was actually made to hold a TV, back when TV's were really deep.

That's a pretty cavernous hole!

And not attractive either!
As you can see, it not only had a pull out ledge for the TV, but also a shelf built into the top for the cable box or a DVD player - the house was built in 2003, after all. But you may have already noticed that this shelf is right next to the window in the corner of the room.  It is a terrible location for a TV!
Hmmmmm.  What to do........

First I added a little hanging chandelier to the back.
This light fixture came from my old house and used to hang behind my bed.
But it was kind of glaring when the lights were on.

So I added these little shades that I had for my chandelier at Christmas. Don't worry, it gets better looking.

Then I added the only thing that I purchased for this project.

These hanging wine glass racks from the Container Store fit perfectly on the DVD shelf.
By now you have guessed that I turned this eyesore into a BAR!!
I added a few wine glasses, some beverages and some accessories and VOILA!

That's an old desk mat that was in the cabinet underneath this one for some reason.  I thought it would be good to put the bottles on.  The tiny flowers were both gifts and I will always try to fit a flower in wherever I can! I used the bigger liquor bottles to hide the electrical outlets.
It's pretty cute with my pumpkin for Autumn.

And of course, he lights up!

And here is the view when you are sitting across the room. Ahhh, much better than a TV!
And Clarence the doggie really appreciates it.

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